.Recipe of the Month: Focaccia

Believed to have originated in Ancient Greece, Focaccia was quickly adopted on the Northern shores of the Mediterranean as the go-to snack.


Focaccia, is a yeasted flat bread with many similarities to pizza dough. Back in the day, Focaccia was cooked on the hearth of a hot fire, or on a heated tile. Thankfully, technology has advanced and we can now cook this delicious bread in the comfort of our own homes and ovens!.

Various interpretations of Focaccia can be found all over the world - In Burgundy, focaccia is called ‘Foisse’ or ‘Fouaisse’, in other areas of France it is known as ‘Fougasse’. In Argentina, it is widely consumed under the name ‘Fugazza’ while the Spanish call it ‘Hogaza’.

Focaccia is a versatile bread, you can enjoy as a snack, a light meal or on the side complimenting a full bodied Italian meal.


Focaccia Recipe
Serves 20


  • 1KG Caputo Blu Flour

  • 100 gm Extra Virgin Olive Oil (We use EVO Oilata)

  • 30 gm Yeast

  • 50 gm Salt

  • 650 gm Water

  • Extra oil & water required to coat Focaccia when baking.



  • Mix yeast with the water, water should be at room temperature.

  • Blend the yeast and water mixture with the flour, in a mixer, at medium speed.

  • Once all the liquid is absorbed add the salt in gradually, and oil.

  • Let the dough rest for 10 mins. Grease square tray and lay the dough in it, leave it to rest for 3 hours or until it has doubled in size.

  • When ready, flatten the dough into a large tray and push holes into the dough with your finger tips.

    Important Tip: Dotting the bread creates multiple wells in the bread by using a finger or the handle of a utensil to poke the unbaked dough. This helps preserve moisture in the bread, olive oil is then spread over the dough, by hand or with a brush prior to rising and baking.

  • Cover your dough with water and oil (50/50 ratio) until all the holes are filled.

  • Cook at 230 degrees, in a fan forced oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden.

  • Remove dough from the tray, turn it over and cook, for 5 minutes, over a rack upside down. This ensures that the base of the Focaccia is evenly cooked.

  • Let the bread cool slightly, before cutting up to serve and enjoy. Serve with Antipasto, as an appetiser, as table bread or as a snack.


Rebecca Neall